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Welcome to Datacenterportal

Datacenterportal is a global database, collating important, reliable and relevant information about datacenters around the world and delivering it to your desktop.
Use to showcase your facility and increase awareness of your datacenter and the services you offer, to attract new customers.
You are able to use datacenterportal to quickly generate your own specific reports, offering an excellent alternative to commissioning bespoke reports.
Using Analytics, you can now research the data we hold to generate specific information of interest to help you make informed decisions.
Use to showcase your facility in its best light and attract potential customers by increasing awareness of your datacenter and the services you offer.


Datacenter Comparison

This feature enables you to search for Datacenter facilities around the world, based upon your own specific criteria. Datacenter Operators can keep their own information up to date via the Operator Community. Search results are then ranked according to the quantity and quality of the available data.

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Datacenter Map

Our Map function will show you the location of a given datacenter to within a 5 km radius of the actual location. By clicking on the various locations, it is possible to drill down into different layers of detail about facilities in that area.

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A unique environment for exchanging information on a range of products and services as well as posting requirements to be fulfilled. Requirements can be posted via our RFI template which remains anonymous until unlocked by a potential services supplier.

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Community Platform


Operator Community

This is where, as Datacenter Operators, you are able to manage and control the information we hold about your facility/facilities. To provide information about your datacenter, you will need to create a login, which can be done by following the link

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Subscriber Community

Our new subscriber community will give you the ability to use advanced features

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Affiliate Partner Community

In becoming an affiliate partner, you will have access to our back-end data base as if adopting a CRM into your own business.

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Research & Analytics

We are currently developing a new dashboard that provides a summary on the growth/decline of the Datacenter Sector as a whole. This includes growth in Enterprise, Colocation and Cloud Services as well as other associated IT services such as Managed Services and Systems Integration.

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Under Development



We are currently producing a ranking dashboard which will highlight the top performing Datacenters relating to Efficiency, Resilience and a Facilities associated ‘verification’. You are able to use our comparison page to view this information, free of charge.



Our News dashboard will give you insights into the market. We will report new developments and global news relating to the future of the Datacenter and IT market as a whole.