By subscribing to Datacenterportal, you will be able to enjoy enhanced functionality and access more in-depth, detailed information contained within our database.

  • Search for datacenters based upon specific criteria
  • Access a deeper level of information
  • Compare datacenter facilities
  • Save searches to your profile
  • Create reports

Subscription ensures that your search results are displaying the very latest information we have available.

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We have created a subscription package to enable you to use all the features detailed in Package 1, with the additional benefit of being able to view all leads posted in the Marketplace area of the site

  • Fixed fee
  • Easy to budget
  • Export .CSV
  • Infinite lead views during subscription period
  • Infinite possibilities to bid for business!
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Our goal is to offer and maintain a library of detailed information about datacenters.

As a datacenter operator, we would appreciate your help to maintain your profile to protect the quality and integrity of your information, so we have ensured that there are great advantages for you to do so!

Submitting information about your datacenter/s raises its profile and increases visibility in searches.

We offer you the means to upload and update your datacenter profile.

  • Initial Self-Audit submission is free!
  • Take control of how your facility is perceived and ranked against other sites.
  • Simply create a login and click on the self-audit icon to get started.
  • The self-audit form is divided into the key areas of a datacenter. The information you submit cannot be viewed publicly in this format, but is used to deliver search results using our datacenter comparison tool.
  • Why not join our Operator Community so make it easy to maintain the accuracy of your information.
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We offer desk-top audits, which are conducted by our experienced and qualified engineers.

  • Saving you time in getting your details loaded into
  • Single desktop audit (remote) for fixed fee.
  • Initial desktop audit, followed by 3 remote quarterly checks, for a fixed fee.
  • Enhanced profile within datacenterportal.

To ensure that every datacenter is treated equally and to also ensure accurate comparison search results, all our audits are based upon the same criteria.

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Site surveys are carried out by our experienced, qualified engineers. Each site survey is supported by an additional 3 quarterly desktop surveys.

  • Benefit from our highest level of verification
  • We supply you with an Audit Report
  • It is an independent report which can be used as a working document
  • Helps with planning, upgrades, improvements
  • Enhances your profile further within datacenterportal.
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marketplaceMarketplace & Leads

Leads are requirements posted in the Marketplace, by users who are looking for Datacenter Products and Services.

As an End User, you can save substantial amounts of time and money, by publishing your requirement in the marketplace. An RFI/RFP template has been created to make it a quick, easy and streamlined process for you. You and your Company remain anonymous to viewers of your requirement and you can benefit from a broader choice of potential solutions as a result of your RFI having greater visibility. This level of visibility helps satisfy Procurement requirements too, by providing a broad comparison of solutions and pricing.

As an Datacenter Operator, you can view these requirements - or leads - to determine whether you are able to offer a proposal.

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